Tying up the loose ends of 2014. I delved deep into Facebook earlier and believe I have got rid of any significant trace of Joseph, I hadn’t even realised we were still linked in any way but we’re not now so, that’s good.

Another little bug from that era was the DWP and the way they handled my vacation like I was a damned criminal! Today I got confirmation that my claim against them has been totally upheld with huge evidence of maladministration on their part, way beyond simple human error. They now acknowledge that I did nothing wrong and they had no right to take the action they did. The amount they fined me has been returned and a written apology is in the post, the least they can do.

Other parts of my life are coming together too though many rely on pure faith to follow through all the way as I’d like. Yes, that’s deliberately cryptic as it’s not good to tell the devil your business.

I’m having some lovely dreams these days, makes a change for me does that.

Chest infection is still not gone.

I have this need for chocolate, this is not good but I’ve just about avoided it so, all good.

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