Into July

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The above pictures are the sorts of locations where I feel really happy and relaxed and I like being happy and relaxed.

Most are taken of and from Goodrich Castle whilst the last one is the River Wye near Symonds Yat. The car park there was £5 no matter how long the stay so I decided against staying longer than it took me to take the picture.

I was over that way recharging my batteries, in need of a little me time.

Since June 9th I’ve been chatting to someone a very lot. Yes, I know, he’s in the Philippines, bad experiences lessons learnt and all that but, my mind matches younger guys better and most younger guys in the UK think anyone over 40 is their sugar daddy or their headmaster or whatever role-play they are into. I just want to be with someone who can relax without being boring.

So, I started talking to Dennis and love our chats on Skype

Screenshot 2015-07-01 00.35.21

He’ll probably hate that picture but, I think it shows his fun loving personality really well.

We’re playing the long game, no rushing it so, let’s see how it goes. One way or another I hope we can meet next year whether Dennis comes here or I go there. I keep buying lottery tickets to increase the chances of making something not stand in the way of possibilities.

The weather, wow, lovely at 33°C yesterday, today back down to 22°C again which normally feels great but not so much after yesterday, Meant to be 27°C tomorrow, that’s better.

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