Having to Justify Stuff

Some may ask why I went into so much detail yesterday. You know, I’d really rather not have to. Sadly, so many people are judgemental. Each have their little opinions and, even when they don’t voice those opinions it’s so easily obvious to tell.

For example, I know if I were dating a man from England and meeting him each day for an hour so many people would be involved wanting to know how it is going, wanting to meet him, know more about him just as it should be. Because my man doesn’t live in this country is almost like the elephant in the corner, the awkward subject people don’t like to talk about because, basically, they are just waiting for it all to go wrong and … after all, everyone has heard those horror stories of how British people get robbed by Johnny Foreigner.

Well, my answer to that is yes, of course that goes on. Then again, it’s not so damn wonderful here when we have partners who cheat on us, some get beaten up and so on, no one can ever be totally certain of what they’re getting themselves into. But, just because there are some negative experiences, should that mean we never try, that we are so racist that we don’t think we can give some support to our friends and family who are succeeding in maintaining a difficult long distance relationship? The feelings involved are just as real. Having little to no acknowledgement feels quite awful.

This is the reality though … I have stupidly strong natural feelings for Dennis and I am certain he has for me too. Us two are both going to give a relationship our absolute best shot, really work at it. We probably have more in depth conversations than many other couples do seeing as we can’t really just sit in front of the TV ignoring each other all evening and class that as getting to know each other.

Yesterday Dennis did something that I’ve dreamed of a man doing my entire life. Sure, technology let us down but he sang to me and I joined in. That might seem trivial to some but, it was quite magical to me.

So, Dennis is Dennis, he’s not someone else, he’s not any of the people I’ve known before, he’s his own person with his own qualities and values. I am going to ask you to trust me that I know he is genuine and totally honest and that what we do we will decide together.

I know not everyone is against this, obviously not, many are totally happy to see how happy I am. Should anyone be against it then please, if you have nothing good to say and you don’t want to support me and Dennis then, stay away, we don’t need you.

So, I shouldn’t need to justify anything but, I do.

It’s been lovely to get those message of support I got yesterday by the way. It would be even more lovely if you were to post a comment here or on Facebook so Dennis can see he’s got support here. Hell, just imagine how scary it could feel coming to a country where others might think you’re less than honest, can you imagine that? As my boyfriend I’d like you to respect Dennis, he’s totally lovely as you will hopefully some day discover for yourself.

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