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I turned up this morning at 9am and we went through all the possible issues which could still exist with the Ray Ban glasses. It didn’t make sense that if they were the same prescription as the Superdry glasses I am wearing that they should be OK.

Now, on the subject of the Superdry glasses

2015-07-02 23-49-12.038

I was given these because when the lenses turned up, or so I was told, they were not verifocal but single vision lenses. I discovered today that they are verifocal so, in effect, there is no real problem with these glasses.

Anyway, we decided at 10:45 that we’d get my sight checked again and rather than trying again to get lenses in the Rayban frames that I’d prefer it if they used the Ted Baker frames instead.


So, I had a short break then went back again at 12:20, got my eyes checked and they are going to increase the prescription slightly but not so much that I cannot switch between glasses, my vision should be just slightly improved using the Ted Baker option.

Left there finally today at 1:15

All I need to do now is wait as long as it takes to get the Ted Baker pair back and, with any luck, I will be able to see through them.

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