Good weekend

Not that I remember much of it and, no, no booze involved just busy and enjoying life.

Dennis makes me stupidly happy. I could just sit and look at him all day but not today. Today he helped me with something I was going to do on my own. I am not used to this having a boyfriend thing so, was glad when it just sort of came together. I needed to get a collection of tracks together to listen to in the car. My last one was a bit too familiar so I needed some good music to add. Dennis came up with quite a few I’d forgotten I loved.

The past couple of days, thanks to tech, we’ve had meals together, me, Dennis and the family over there. It’s good to discover what we’re each eating.

Screenshot 2015-07-11 13.13.19

Obviously I wish he were a short or even long drive away, it’s horrible not being able to be together but, we can wait, we’re making plans.

We’ve had Matt, Anne and the children over today too which is always good.

Started playing Minecraft on the Xbox One tonight. Matt & Sean had been at me for ages to do it. It’s not so bad as it happens, 4 hours seemed to just go. I don’t think my first attempt was so terrible at building.

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