July 14th

That’s a bit like Valentines day isn’t it only, not February, more sort of, well, if Valentines day hadn’t been chosen for February then it would have been July, I am sure of it. Not that it makes much difference because the love of my life lives 6,688 miles away on the assumption I was a very strong crow that can fly that far. It would also be a rather dull trip not flying over anywhere well know at all. Thankfully we have airplanes. The quickest route is a direct London/Manila flight, that takes 15 hours, add two hours to get to Heathrow, 3 hours waiting around at the airport, another maybe 2 hours from Manila. I could be there, if I left right now and a plane was waiting, at 10 to 6 tomorrow evening only then it wouldn’t be 10 to 6 tomorrow evening (Weds) it would be 10 to 1 on Thursday morning but, that’s so dooable … if we assume I could afford £650 right now and that a plane were actually waiting at Heathrow which it isn’t. So, even if someone had already seen sense and changed Valentines Day to July 14th it would still be the 16th before I could be with the man of my dreams. If I had the money I’d do it even for just 24 hours together because I am a little mad like that.

Love is not having to deal with things alone. Knowing that no matter how stressful the day has been, there is someone there to cuddle at night. I feel a lot happier knowing that there is someone somewhere on the planet, someone amazingly clever and funny that I am also attracted to, that there is that someone thinking about wanting to be with me too.

It is often comforting to know that the special someone is looking at the same sun and moon as I am or, it would be were we not constantly covered by thick cloud! Am totally sick of this dank weather. Forecast says it’s going to change Thursday so perhaps just the one more day of wet and chilly. I actually put a jacket on earlier … true, it was only for a few minutes until I realised it had got warm and muggy but, why should I even think of wearing a jacket?

Tomorrow morning I am having a lay-in, a good relaxed sleep knowing I can get up when I feel like it .. how many times do I promise myself that one?

Am wondering, will Dennis like things like ‘Bar Rescue’? Hmmm … How about Science Fiction? Actually, I’ve nearly finished all episodes of Stargate so he won’t have to watch that but, well, they’ll be more Star Wars and Star Trek coming out … hmm.

Dennis likes Disney, this has to be a very good thing. We have amazingly close taste in music, another amazingly good thing. Not sure about food yet but I think we’ll mash together a good selection of foods we both like … no bones and I am probably fine with it  🙂

I really want to snuggle on the sofa and watch some good movies together, how awesome would that be … hell, some people might even think we’re a proper gay couple, wow, that’d be amazing! We are, of course, a proper gay couple but, being single for so long makes it feel strangely exciting that anyone will think of us as part of a couple again. It is rather cool I think.

When Dennis applies for his visitors visa in January, I might ask some of you to write supporting letters if that’s OK? It’s not required but it can’t hurt right to show that we’re genuine people who are not trying to fiddle at all? We’ve got plans beyond that but, let’s stick to that for now.

Now I think I need to get on and finally get the track selections on the ipod so I have stuff to listen to in the car!

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