Open Letter to ‘The Weather’

Screenshot 2015-07-17 10.38.41

I love this country of ours, because of you there are so many glorious colours all around us. The grass is as rich a green as anywhere on the planet. Beautiful blooming flowers to brighten our days, we should be so very grateful.

Can I ask though, would it be just too much trouble to move those clouds elsewhere, you know, perhaps during the day? Let a little sunlight through, we all need a little sunlight and, part of your job is to ensure a balance, not too much of anything.

Could you, perhaps, offer us some truth and honesty? I mean, each day you tell us tomorrow will be fine and sunny and then you give us cloud and rain. No one likes a liar, just be honest with us. If you got out of bed wrong today then, that’s fine, it’s cool, I get that but, every day? Surely if it is every day you’re doing something wrong my friend.

Perhaps you need to relax, lower the bluster, stop crying those tears, let the sun shine through, it would do us all good.

Hey, nice of you to be listening, I appreciate that ray of sunlight on my keyboard right now but, if it isn’t too much to ask, we need a little more.

Thanks for listening, I hope you’re better soon.

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