I am in love with Dennis pure and simple. Yes, I understand that some might find it difficult to understand how I can be in love with someone the other side of the world who I have never met.

Clearly it is possible because it’s real and, Dennis feels it too which, let’s face it, is a good thing!

We speak just about every day between 12-3pm or as much time as we can on Skype otherwise on Viber. Time always flies by so quickly even on those days when we barely say anything.

God willing Dennis will be over here next April time for a month to get to know me in the flesh and also to get to know the family a lot more and those friends who would like to meet him. We are, of course, relying on the UK Border Agency approving his tourist visa but that should all go through OK. I shall probably go there to visit over Christmas 2016. Dennis only really gets two longer breaks from work in April and December so when we can travel is restricted.

He is a teacher living, hmm, about an hour or so south of Manila? I think that’s about right.

Long distance relationships are tough, our time online is quite precious to us so, unless it is really important we’d appreciate it if calls and requests were kept to a minimum during ‘our’ time.

All things working out wonderfully, and we like to be positive, he may come here permanently in perhaps summer 2017. It might then be quite possible that by 2030 we will move back to the Philippines for retirement but, that’s a long way off yet!

Hopefully, in time, Dennis will remember to write on Facebook and add some friends and family so you all can get to know him too.

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