I’ve decided that the only way to find my lost 62GB memory stick is to buy another one. I visited Amazon and found the old purchase at £35 but now it is £14.99 except, underneath it said it had been replaced by a USB3 version for £13.99, a result I think!

Whilst I was there I also bought a tea strainer as that too has gone missing! I quite like leaf tea but can’t stand all the large leaves at the bottom. I particularly love Jasmin tea, it’s just sort of yummy and fresh and in my special china tea service too from China … OK, it was made in China but was actually bought in Spain at a theme park in their land which they call ‘China’ so, one way or another it’s authentic!

Cortana was missing as a working version from Windows 10 but strangely, now it works! I changed it all to USA location and it worked straight away, it wouldn’t with UK settings. I decided I really didn’t want my PC thinking it was American though so reverted back to UK and, as if by magic, Cortana works so, she doesn’t quite qualify because she’s no longer missing.

Dennis, I am missing Dennis … had to include him somehow in a blog!

I pulled on to a roundabout earlier narrowly missing another car .. entirely my fault, misjudged his speed and he had right of way.

Acquired a move the other day, ‘One of our Dinosaurs is Missing’ … can’t remember whether it was any good or not so might need to watch it.

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