Tired but …

I keep pushing myself anyway. That said, I am going to write this then go pass out for some hours or so!

Yesterday I was so tired I had to stop driving up to Derbyshire. I was able to eat something and carry on but, even so, stupid tired.

Had an epic GTAV session last night but I was so tired there were times I couldn’t remember which controls did what! I wasn’t doing much more than making up the numbers!

Today I was so tired I was driving up curbs in the car.

Am so tired I am genuinely having trouble thinking.

Even so, have been having a great many long conversations with Mama in the Philippines, that’s been fun and makes my relationship with Dennis feel even more real.

Went cycling yesterday but we only did 5 miles, not really good enough but still enjoyable.

Got some good news today that someone has finally got a long overdue criminal record and, about time! It’s not for the sort of crime that they should have been charged with and they will find some way to get someone else to pay the fine for them but, even so, they cannot deny that criminal element to their life now, perhaps the police won’t be quite so keen next time to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Back to being tired … should have gone straight to bed, am obligated now to doing something else so I won’t have time for a nap after all

One thought on “Tired but …

  1. At last the evil little shite has been caught, He won't pay the fine and costs, some other poor sod he cons will settle it for him BUT at least he now has a record.
    Hope you fel better soon, try get some rest please.

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