Busy Day

Had a lay in bed today until 10:20, true, it was about 2:20am when I went to bed but that’s still a step forward for me!

Managed to help Matt & Anne a fair bit today which was rewarding, nice to be able to be there for them for a change.

Put the rubbish out here and picked up some 8 & 6 legged friends in the process so needed a shower to flush them away (shudder)

Only managed an hour with Dennis earlier, I think the local internet cafe cut the connections around them to get some extra business. Thought there was an irony in an internet cafe which didn’t serve coffee!

Screenshot 2015-08-05 13.51.50

It’s not the best picture of Dennis, but it was a quick screen grab for my blog.

In the process of resetting my phone at the moment. It’s not been quite right since it went all lollipop on me and Samsung suggest a reset to resolve the issues. Worth  try I guess.

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