Retiring Abroad

I’ve got a few years before I retire, at least 13 anyway (is that all?) and it seems obvious to me that retiring abroad makes more sense than remaining in the UK.

Our minimum state pension changes next year and is promised to be at least £150 a week, possibly more, who knows yet, we shall find out next season. That £650 or so a month, not a great deal in this wonderful country of ours.But, that’s the UK. If we retire to the Philippines that money suddenly look attractive. With monthly wages there something not to far removed from £276 a month suddenly £650 looks very healthy indeed. On top of that, the Philippines just happens to be an indexed country which means that the rate of pension rises with inflation rather than being frozen as it is in so many other countries.

Frustratingly, me and Dennis will have hopefully, and maybe (he’s not asked yet) enjoyed many years of marriage to discover we have no legal status over there, that’s quite a big deal to me.

We’ll know and I guess that is the main thing of course. Who knows, by then a miracle might happen and they recognise same sex relationships but, I can’t see that happening.

I guess it’s just something to consider anyway.

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