Zoey Update 16th September

After my causing a huge fuss on Tuesday Zoey was finally moved to Berrywood Hospital in Duston.

She stayed over night in Harbour Ward for assessment but tonight she moved over to Bay Ward to start the much needed treatment phase.

I have zero idea what that entails at this stage, communication is a little patchy so I need to find out who I should be contacting for updates.

To the best of my knowledge she is eating, not sure how consistently but she’s eating and occasionally drinking too. Am totally unsure if she’s using the toilet as she should be yet though.

She’s had two visits today, this morning from Me and Daisy and this evening from Matt & Anne. Both those visits were good ones where Zoey was laughing and smiling.

They are more strict here, it’s not a case of just wandering in so, if someone wishes to visit, please let me know and I’ll give details, make sure someone else isn’t already visiting then as they have a strict 3 visitor maximum. If anyone wants to take under 18’s then they have a family room but this needs to be arranged in advance.

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