Not a good day :-(

We decided to take the boys back to see Auntie Zoey this morning, they were looking forward to it.

She gave them an initial hug but said nothing. A quick smile and that was that.

We spent 40+ minutes with her during which she didn’t engage at all. She responded to her name, knew we were talking to her but didn’t vocalise at all. We eventually left and Danny was crying because Auntie Zoey wouldn’t speak to them.

They’ve also learnt that not eating and drinking leads to death and both the boys were really concerned that Zoey still refuses food and water.

In short, both me and Daisy felt stupidly guilty for taking them, I think we both knew it would be a risk but had to try it.

We were called yesterday and ‘maybe’ a placement has been found for Zoey at Berrywood which is not so far from here, just under 2 miles. ‘If’ she goes there then it will be on Monday. I really don’t have much confidence in the system at this stage.

Had a lovely chat with Dennis.

For oily skin try this Site for we know who.

This afternoon I must confess the boys have got a bit much for me. No ones fault, just kids being kids. I am in need of some reasonable quite time, I’ll settle for muffled 🙂

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