I am bowing out

At least for a while.

There is only so much I am able to take and whilst Zoey is somewhere she is being looked after, I don’t need to go there to be abused, I am taking a short break.

Quote from Zoey:

“fuck off and leave me alone you bastard” …

She said quite a bit before that but this was after I was explaining they were going to start making her get better there. Trying to let her know that we love her dearly and actually don’t have much say in anything any longer. All I could do was let her know she’s loved and I can’t do anything more to get involved in her care, it’s up to the professionals now.

If there is anything positive it is that they finally got to comprehend the level of comprehension and communication skills Zoey has. They can’t pretend she just doesn’t understand any longer.

I got the distinct impression I’ve been taken out of the loop. They don’t have to consult me so they won’t sort of thing. An advocate is being brought in now too, seems my opinions are not valid enough.

After screaming her insults to me, Zoey was quietly escorted to the arts and crafts room to do some fun activities. I cannot even start to say how that made me feel, how I still feel.

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