Jesus-jesus-32485788-359-450 Last night, being alone in my house, I thought I’d say some prayers out loud, I mean, normal conversation loud rather than those late at night whispers.

I’m not stupid, I just asked for life to go a little easier on me, allow something good to happen without the hell to over compensate for it.

Feeling pleased with myself that I felt comfortable praying out loud I sat down to watch TV and realised I couldn’t focus on it at all. Then I realised I actually could barely see the TV! So, first signs of a migraine, great! Managed to control that with medication.

Today, cooking dinner, couldn’t smell the wonder aroma of a Sunday Roast at all so went down to investigate, the oven wasn’t working!

Thankfully, we have a top over, a fraction of the size but it still works so, dinner is getting cooked now.

Am just wondering, I mean, I didn’t even ask for a sign that anyone was listening, I just trusted. Is the answer really that I am meant to always have to work so much harder than anyone else would, pay a far greater price for every pleasure than others seem to? Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate all the wonderful things in my life but, really, do I need all the stress as well?

Basically, I am confused how this all works.

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