Zoey Update 29/09

I become more convinced each time I explore the actions at the Berrywood Hospital that their actions are negligent to the point of abuse.

They are ignoring the plan they were given by the LD team making statements that no one tells them how to run their wards! That statement from someone who is not LD trained, on the day in question, neither was any other staff member LD trained.

Zoey is being left not monitored for over an hour at a time. Her bed is soiled but no one is changing it. She’s been diagnosed with a urine infection but because she is refusing antibiotics, this remains untreated, she is sectioned remember. Under a section 2 order someone can be medicated against their will except in extreme cases such as ECT. There is no reason on this planet why Zoey is not having her infection cured other than negligence.

When I asked the head nurse the other day whether they were being slow in offering treatment in the hope that Zoey would be moved elsewhere she replied that she believed it was not the best place for Zoey … now if that doesn’t answer the question with a resounding ‘yes’ I don’t know what does!

It’s clear she doesn’t neatly fit in with what they are used to and they want her gone.

It’s disgusting, it truly is.

Important meeting tomorrow to discuss these issues

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