Zoey Update 26 October

The hospital said no … actually, one consultant said no, one who has barely met her at all who is going on advice from what he has read of what she was like at her worst when she was admitted.

I can report that Zoey herself now seems to be 100% back to being Zoey.

That said, she is deeply unhappy because she cannot understand why they won’t let her go home. The consultant is taking her unhappiness as a sign of depression and wants to persist with medication for depression! So, try and solve her unhappiness there by medicating so she what? Gets used to it there and just accepts it? I don’t think so, you aint experimenting on my daughter mate!

There is a lot more I could write but I suspect a clearer picture will emerge tomorrow so I shall wait until then.

Keep sending those letters in if you feel inclined, they need to know at the hospital that we are a strong and loving family and that there is no evidence at all for any question mark over her safety at home.

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