Zoey 27 October

Firstly, we are relying on those letters from you dear friends and family. We need to disprove what didn’t happen. There is an assumption floating around that Zoey wasn’t care for very well at home which was behind her presentation at the hospital and possibly her UTI.

They are trying to play down any thought that it might be an accusation but, at the same time they do describe it is a fact finding mission to make sure that the environment and care at home is suitable for Zoey. Now, to me that’s clearly saying they don’t believe the care she was getting was good enough but apparently they feel the two things are not the same.

This is why we need your input to tell them very politely, with great respect and understanding, what you think of our ability care for Zoey, whether she seemed happy at home or not. I am not going to tell you what to say, I want this to be your own words. Obviously if I thought you were going to write something negative I’d not be asking but, you must decide what you send in.

We spoke with the Care Manager the other day, she made it clear she wanted to reduce the budget Zoey currently gets, the hospital are horrified, they want it increased. I’ve asked nicely that whilst they argue it out can they not leave Zoey vulnerable where she is. There were other things sickening about what she passed on but I don’t want to mention them here because it will make this too long.

It is clear that the hospital did break the law on the 72 hours discharge rule. They tried to cover it up and fudge it but basically they forgot to pass the song book around and were not operating from the same one. I am prepared to let that go because of the concessions I achieved this morning.

I was in meetings from 10 – 1:15 both in person and on the phone without a break. They have agreed to have a professionals meeting on Thursday during which they will agree a discharge date. I have assurances from the hospital managers that they are going to fight our corner. I’ve told them I am willing to take them at their word. I honestly believe that dealing with things efficiently if informally is always quicker than going through official channels. They all indicated agreement that Zoey most likely is now ready to go home with an improved package and they will insist on the Care Manager providing that in a timely manner.

They have voice this is, in their way of thinking, next week but, reading reactions and body language I suspect we are looking more at the following week. For reasons I am not discussing in public, that is not the best timing, next week is far more preferred.

So, pens to paper, they must have these letters by Thursday morning at the latest. It might still be useful after that but by then would really make a difference.

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