Two Weeks Later

Still nothing from Social Services.

I’ve called and written

the NHS Crisis team have emailed

The local MP has written

The Ombudsman is on the case

Still not an utterance from them. I cannot believe that what they’re doing is even legal and hope sincerely that someone loses their job over this!

I am now have to pay out for services for Zoey myself, more accurately, Zoey’s benefit money is having to be spent on what should have been provided for her.

Meeting Tomorrow

With the woman and her boss who was the one to start off a safeguarding case against me. Now, the case was dismissed after a quick chat with the investigator but, how very dare she decide to cause waves for me when she might, even easier, have just spoken to me directly! It’s not often I get to confront one of the cowards who reports me for something I haven’t done because they can. I think I shall enjoy the experience.

I think I need to not offer my services any further! It seems that I agree to do something, for free, and then it’s all just never quite to someone else’s quality control standards despite all the errors having been in the original remit!

In the event I am ever in the market for a car I think I shall go for the Peugeot 407GT. It matches with me for some reason, not sure why but I like it.

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