Losing it

5lbs so far but I’ve stopped going to Slimming World. There is nothing wrong with them I just needed to make a choice, pay £4 a week to follow the same plan I can follow anyway at home or get a gym membership and add something healthy on the exercise front into the mix. I chose the latter because something else showed up on my blood test results that I wasn’t expecting. I have a higher than normal cholesterol level. The GP suggested it’s high enough to suspect a heredity factor as opposed to a poor diet. I’ve been advised to take some exercise, get my heart healthy before anything nasty happens and I am on ‘statins’ too. All jolly good fun (not) and probably the first of the tablets in my life I may need to take long term to stay healthy. The diet is good though, no bad stuff in there so, hopefully the tablets do their job, the gym give me some strength in my heart muscle and all shall be good.

Social Services really do seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet so it looks as though I will have to contact the ombudsman to get things sorted. Ridiculous really.

Poor health seems to be floating about at the moment, not a good start to the year so, things can (hopefully) only get better.

Still missing Dennis loads. Had a couple of chats but not enough. I can but pray that he gets the visit visa trouble free.

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