Mid-Month Update

Had bloods looked at and I have a Vitamin D Deficiency which means it has me feeling overly exhausted, even when I’m able to get enough shut-eye. Last night I was motionless for 95% of the time. It also means I feel moody or blue. So, this being the diagnosis I have been given some medication and will be chatting to the GP on Tuesday. It also has some quite nasty implications but we won’t worry about any of those as I believe this came on quite recently, not a long term issue.

On 6th January me and Daisy started Slimming World, they’ve been around for a bit, have a good reputation. Of course, the way I am feeling has dulled my excitement so I am just going through the motions. Even so, 3lbs this week isn’t so terrible, more would be better. I am looking at an average loss of 4lbs so I need to try harder.

Dennis is heading off to do some coaching this weekend, I might not be able to speak to him at all for a month. I hope that’s not the case as the distance is hard enough to live with as it is. Of course, it’s just a month and we’ve potentially got a great many years ahead of us so, think positive.

Placed a complaint with Social Services as the indicative budget was appalling in the mistakes it contained and outright lies of course, not to mention spelling mistakes, not least the word ‘Zoey’. The initial reply seems to be that as this ‘transitions’ team hands over to the young adults team in June, they might just leave them to sort it out. In the meantime, Zoey gets nothing!

Also had to complete an application form for Zoey’s Personal Independence Payment a few days ago. I can only hope they don’t do any messing about and she gets an acceptable level first try rather than having to appeal. This said, it might be in ‘my’ best interest if she is turned down for the mobility section as this means the car goes back early. If that happens then Motability give me £2000 plus any residue on the advance payment (won’t be much). With that I can purchase a car. This would take the constant worry out of whether or not they’re going to mess with her benefits again. I really am getting sick of how much the social finance system robs me of my freedom to choose even the most basics things in life!

Sean gave me a Smart Watch this week. Seems to be one of the few watches I can wear without it messing with my skin. That and it’s a cool watch with some useful features, thank you again Sean.

Finally going to see Star Wars 7 tomorrow night (14th Jan). Am going on my own but that’s fine.

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