Finally got a Social Worker … and other stuff

I discovered through the back door that Zoey now has a new social worker from the Younger Adults Team. So far she has lied to me twice. The system showed her being allocated Zoey on 12th, last Friday yet, she told me on Tuesday she’d just been told and was going to speak to her manager to arrange an assessment and get back to me Tuesday afternoon. So, she lied about when she was told about and, of course, I’ve received no contact since. So, already off to a bad start! I will call again tomorrow and see what BS she has for me.

Spoke to a doctor earlier at the local surgery. My cholesterol issue is almost certainly as a result of my illness back in December in the Philippines. My kidneys and liver are apparently not functioning properly. I am amazed they did no tests to ensure the bug was out of my system as it was said to go to those organs next once it cleared my stomach. Anyway, I am still on statins for the foreseeable future. I am also on a maintenance dose of Vitamin D for a few months. They are guessing my flaring up and major itchiness is down to eczema (probably) so I have some steroid cream to attack it … of course, if antihistamine doesn’t work and steroid cream doesn’t work then it is back to square one again. I really feel so many of these doctors just want to write a script and see the back of you. Anyway, I am to have bloods done again in April to check my current status so shall have to wait see.

I seem to be losing weight OK so am happy about that. I am now at an in-between size for clothes which is a little annoying.

I’ve got myself an Amazon Prime account and a ‘Fire’ for the TV. I decided that as much as I like Spotify I cannot justify it and I don’t watch Virgin TV at all so I have no clue why I am paying for that! I might still be tied into a contract though so might be difficult to get out of right now.

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