Whistle Stop Update

  • My weight is stuck at 10st 8lbs. I lost 9lbs since I started this but for three weeks I am stuck where I am …. incidentally coinciding with my starting the Gym
  • Zoey has a new  Social Services Team. Assessment Done, awaiting conclusion
  • Zoey will be moving out, housing application submitted, wait and see
  • Zoey was awarded Higher Rate for both care and mobility on her PiP application on the first attempt
  • I have a cold, bugger
  • Daisy has an ear infection
  • Sean needs some support
  • Matt can’t walk without looking and feeling like he was kicked in the nuts, so much for exercise!
  • Robin is in a bad way, he’ll get there
  • Show, A Little Night Music, was really very good.
  • I am still in love with Dennis and he me.
  • Dennis will get his passport this Thursday and hopefully we’ll know in a little over 2 weeks about his visa application
  • Apparently it’s cheaper to fly to Birmingham from Manila than it is to London, who knew?
  • Meeting in Corby tomorrow for Jermaine, updates to come
  • Had my eyebrows sorted, looking good

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