Yay, it’s March

I was hoping by now that I’d have all the plans in place for when Dennis was here next month but … I think a very long rule by the Spaniards has left not a small amount of the Manjana attitude. For me, and I know I am not typical of all Brits, I won’t leave until tomorrow something I could do yesterday but, that’s cool because I enjoy our differences.

Anyway, all things going well, we should know in about 3 weeks whether the wonderful UK Foreign Office says yes or not to the visa application which will give me a staggering just over 2 weeks to arrange everything!

Now, tomorrow here in the UK is Mothers Day and, as it has been now for 29 years, I don’t have a mum any longer so, I shall be alone again (naturally). Everyone else, quite rightly, being with their mums. For those who don’t know, my mum died on July 10th 1986. Medical reasons aside, she died from a broken heart and, try as I might, the person who did that is someone I can’t ever forgive, ironically, the same woman did it to both my parents. I will be more than happy if I never have to see that woman again as long as I live!

Grandkids are all doing well. Zachary has some excellent reading skills coming along there, Josh & Immy seem so grown up these days and Danny is moving forward with his speech. I am really proud of all of them.

Sitting here drinking a lovely coffee, something I can taste through this cold! I can feel the virus going now but I suspect I might still have one more crap night to come.

I’ve checked my diary and nothing significant this month for me. Lynn will be 55 this year is it? She certainly doesn’t look it. Hopefully I can get all excited and arrange April/May for me and Dennis but, apart from that, as quiet as a month can be at the stage just before I become really busy every day!

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