When things go right

Sometimes, and I don’t care whether we say it’s chance of the hand of God, bad stuff happens but it is to path the way for something better. We’re being told that we’re heading down the wrong road and that there is a better way. This has been happening a fair bit lately.

Both me and Dennis thought that being rejected for the visa was the worst thing ever but, in the grand scheme of things, with a lifetime to look forward to, it’s just allowing us a better opportunity to grow even closer. If I am honest, I need a holiday. I’ve not had a real stress free holiday for years. I’ve been out the country but it’s just been the sort of thing I do here but somewhere else, not really relaxing and certainly not with anyone special. Being on my own is OK but it doesn’t compare to sharing life experiences.

So, thanks to Mr Credit Card and Miss Loan I am off to spend the month with Dennis. As said previously, all benefits are cancelled for the month so there is zero question as to whether this is OK or not. We’re going to spend a week or so at the flat meeting folk around there, eating out, going to the cinema and then we’re off to Hong Kong for a few days. Neither of us have been there so it gives us the chance to see how we cope when we’re both out of our environment. Sure, we’re doing Disneyland whilst we’re there, it has to be done. I’ve a habit of wanting to share my love of Disney with those I love. We’re also going to Ocean Park, I love the idea of seeing a panda in China!

After HK we’re heading down south to see the family down there on Mindanao. The Foreign Office say that I am either going to get shot, blown up or kidnapped but I’ll take my chances! After that we’re up in Bohol just the two of us overlooking the sea in what I am sure will be a really relaxing and romantic part of my stay there. Then it’s back to Manila for an overnight stay at the H2O Hotel and finally home again toward the end of May.

Zoey is off on a little adventure herself for the month so Sean & Daisy get the place to themselves for a change.

I think that visa refusal was meant to happen because it’s also given me the embryo of an idea of a way to ensure we get a fiancé visa next year, more on that later.

Thinking of things going wrong but making life better, I don’t think it’s just me this is happening to so I am going with the flow and enjoying prayers being answered.

Did I mention I am going to meet in person my future mother-in-law? Yeah, a little nervous about that, I hope she likes me because that sort of thing is important to me.

I just got my weight under 10 stone for the first time in years though I also just had a Chinese to celebrate, I don’t think I thought that out too well! There are 14 pounds in a stone for those who don’t use UK measurements! That means I am currently 139 pounds.

Do I go watch TV I wonder or play a game? Hmmm, such hard decisions!

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