Sad Day

Dennis was denied a visitor visa to come here.

This might to some just seem like a disappointment but, to us it is a huge set back.

When a couple apply for a visa for a foreign national to come here one of the requirements is that both have visited each others country, met friends and family. It goes toward proving that the couple are in a committed relationship. If our own government then prevents the foreign national from entering the country on a visitors visa then the chances of getting any other sort of visa are greatly reduced. It doesn’t mean we won’t get one next year it just makes it more difficult.

This year everything was right. I looked into it and we covered, as far as I could tell, every visa requirement, nothing was left to chance and yet, it was denied. I can’t help but believe that it was denied for reasons which are more personal opinion than legally based. They didn’t like the idea of encouraging a gay couple to be together.

Sure, I can go there and likely will. I’ll suspend my pathetic amount of benefits for a few weeks and go over but, that’s not the point. It’s about knowing my own country respects us as a couple and doesn’t deny us our right to family.

We’re not like a heterosexual couple. We cannot marry abroad and then get things sorted in the UK. Same sex relationships are not recognised in The Philippines.

Why is it I can go there visa free for a month and yet my partner gets denied the same right to come here?

If anyone feels so inclined, please write to my MP, David Mackintosh at and explain why you feel it is unfair that a couple who has been together for 10 months cannot spend time together in the UK. That you know from personal experience how we speak every day (unlike some married couples). I don’t know if he has any influence or the desire to get involved but I have to try. I already wrote.

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