I need of something positive

Sad to say, a public place like this is not where I am going to share every little detail especially when not every disaster only involves me so, this entry is a little cryptic.

The past several weeks and certainly the past few days have been difficult to say the least. Indeed, difficult is an understatement of the last few days. My emotional level is off the scale, coping is something I was doing last week, right now I am functioning on auto pilot.

Let me tell you what I can without saying too much … the visa for Dennis still hasn’t come through and he’s meant to come here next week, airline prices are rising daily and there is nothing I can do about that. We don’t even know if he’ll be accepted for a visa. There is nothing funny about it.

The household income has taken yet another nose dive, down another few hundred a month now. I’ve got to magic something out of thin air. I usually do so, I’ve got to have faith in myself whilst expecting my luck to totally run out at some point. It’s like being within touching distance of something amazing but having it repeatedly slip away.

Every cloud has a silver lining and I’ve got to believe that. The thing is, why is it that nothing in the life of my family can just go right without something far worse going wrong to compensate for it?

Hopefully my next entry will be more uplifting but, right now, I’ve got nothing except a lot of stuff I’ve got to bottle up.

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