What a Week!

Dad’s condition took a turn for the worse. He now lacks capacity and cannot move into his new flat after all. Just when I finally got the solicitors sorted and working Dad gets permanently ill. Because of how useless they are he’ll never get to live in the flat and that’s a huge shame as he actually seemed really happy about it.

That’s all up in the air. He’s in hospital now in Essex, within a week or two at the most his address will be Northampton and I’ve got to get one of the authorities to take responsibility for it all. He will either have to self fund which I’ve worked out a workable plan for or, I might be able to persuade them he needs health funding in which case his property and bank balance are preserved for anything he might want to do with it. He doesn’t even get his assessment until likely the end of next week which is now looking really busy.

Great news is, Dennis got the visa (yay) which is the best news ever which I’d enjoy all the more if I wasn’t stressing so much dealing with the ‘dad’ thing. I did manage to fit in getting Dennis a flight so I am happy about that at least!

There is so much to arrange though. I have been up until about 2am most nights since I found out working on scenarios of what could work and what couldn’t and I have still barely scratched the surface. All of this could get blown up if the assessments come up with awkward conclusions. Please let them decide health funding and give me a break already!

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