December ‘16 Update

In the last month I finalised the sale of Dad’s flat in Essex, I worked out a 3 year plan whereby he keeps the ownership of the new flat in Northampton and has tenants in (already done) and this part pays for his care home which I found and he’s been in now  for 3 weeks. It’s a 3 year plan because part of that funding comes from his savings. Sadly, they won’t last forever but, when they expire, in about 3 years, the property should be worth a lot more than currently it is and he’ll have an additional funding source adequate for the rest of his life.

I visited Dad the once after he moved into the care home but it was a horrible experience. He’s was at the stage whereby he knew I was, sort of knew who Daisy was but is in lala land for most everything else. He’s totally forgotten that I’ve been there for him these past few years and blames me for everything in his life going wrong. I will visit again but it’s been a really hectic time so I need to get myself emotionally strong enough first because, Dad isn’t all which is on my mind.

Zoey reverted to her animal state at around the same time. This time they’ve not rushed her into hospital and placed her back on medication but, the results are not particularly good. She’s been very nasty and aggressive, not taking care of herself and she’s put a lot of weight on. To a great extent I have left it to her carers to manage it with me more as a consultant, I am not responsible for her now and so stepping back seems a sensible move especially as her medics are once again looking for someone or something to blame. Obviously, be stepping back they could blame me for not being more involved but I have to keep reminding myself that kids moving out at a certain age is normal, I don’t need to micro manage what is already in place, I need to leave them to do their job.

I had some really serious issues with the registration services in Northampton. Once again they were doing the whole misinformation thing about how much notice we had to give for our wedding. For the vast majority of people it is 28 days, for some, those who didn’t already go the appropriate visa route, it can be much longer. The law is quite clear, with the fiancé visa we have all the documents we need to just require 28 days but they were insistent that I was talking rubbish and that we’d have to cancel the wedding and arrange it for later in the year! Eventually I got them to see my way seeing as it’s the law and not the damn inaccurate guideline they were working on!

So, this is the December update. Dennis will be here next month, right at the very end but next month. Christmas is just around the corner and I am attempting to relax despite life making that difficult!

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