Wow, well into 2017 now

After a false start, Dennis finally arrived in the UK on February 2 this year. It was meant to be the previous Sunday but there was a document we’d never heard of which he needed to have from the Philippine authorities.

So, another few hundred £ down on the day we got everything sorted.

According to the boards, his flight landed three times which was really confusing but eventually he came through customs after his extra long trip looking totally amazing … and cold!

His new desk and PC at home
Karaoke with the family
Our tea and biscuits evening attended by many friends and family
The Filipino Feast prepared by Dennis for the family which went down very well indeed
Trying a huge feast or traditional roast dinner
Driving through London
Eating at the Imperial War Museum in London where the story of the Philippines was told during WW2
Visiting Warwick Castle which was built in the 12th Century

Sadly, a lot of the pictures I was going to add didn’t load but they’re on Facebook if you have that.

Wedding plans going really well for March 18


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