How awful is it that a person can corrupt a month in the way that the current leader of the Conservative Party has?

Anyway, moving on.

I applied for a job, I got shortlisted, went for an interview and the bottom line is, I didn’t get it. I didn’t explain myself well enough. I fell short as I was aware that I waffle and might have been in danger of explaining myself too much. The answers I gave were all good answers it seems but because they couldn’t fathom how I got to them, I did not finish as seems to be a common occurrence these days … take that as you will.

To be honest, I don’t want to talk about it, it’s one job, it’s in the past and where it should be. Dwelling on it will prevent me being focused on what I still need to do.

What that is I am not entirely sure right now. I was confident of the one I went for because I knew about it and I do know I would have been really good at it so, my interview skills failed me not my ability to do a job. Had it been my ability then I’d not feel quite so worried, a quick side movement to another type of career and I’d be sorted but, I now need to work out what I honestly don’t know, how to crack the nut of interviews in this decade!

My situation would be helped were I not in a dire financial mess. Quite soon I am not going to be able to hold our heads above water any more, there is only so much moving of debt around I can do. I honestly don’t feel I have time to get a job before that happens which is making it difficult to focus right now.

Add to that we only got 23 months before I have to have a job, actually ‘we’ have to be working and I am feeling the pressure. 

One thing I cannot control is the outcome of the election on June 8th. It looks as though the Tories are going to change the goalposts for future visa applications and raise the bar. It totally depends how high just how much we will be affected.

If I am still a full time unpaid carer then we’ll still qualify except, by that time we will be totally broke so it won’t much matter, we won’t be able to demonstrate self sufficiency.

All I need to do now is find a way to motivate myself and focus.

A lottery win of a substantial nature would certainly help.

As I said earlier though, I don’t want to enter into talks about this. There is nothing I am aware that anyone else can help with unless they’ve a job either of us can do!

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