April 28 2017

There is no significance in the blog entry title, it just happens to be the date today!

So, what happened since March 10 when I wrote my last entry?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Sheffield March 16 2017

Well, there was this on 16th… we went along, me, Dennis, Sean, Daisy and Robin to Sheffield to see the show and it was really very good indeed.

Beforehand we went to the Meadowhall Shopping Centre for lunch and to kill some time. Probably spent too much money, a recurring theme of recent months.

A lovely day albeit for a challenging return journey when the M1 was closed.


Now, what did we do on March 18th? Hmmm …. Ah yes, we got married!

Link here to Pictures

It took several weeks of planning calling in every favour we could, saving money where ever possible. I often think these cheaper weddings are the best. I think it’s unlikely even with all the essential costs for the ceremony and so on that we spent much over £600. Amazing considering some couples just add a couple of 00’s to that sum!

We had the ever lovely Kim as our Person of Honour. She essentially fulfilled the roles of wedding planner and best man and she stepped up to the role brilliants.
32682036424 786a027856 OSean was our DJ hitting the button right all the time, sorting the Karaoke and multimedia shows, it all went really well … apart from a slight microphone hitch meaning the speech mic almost had to be eaten for anyone to hear it but, small details!







We had two unique speeches. Daisy did a speech as a family representative and Steve did one on behalf of friends. Both were really good albeit that Steve mainly used a piece that I’d written some time ago which was a bit cheeky but appropriate all the same


He spoke of how we’d first met but the main part was something I put on this very blog many moons ago … perhaps if Steve sees this he might add a comment as to where they post came from as it could be interesting!

We were both very grateful indeed for his prayer as we did want some faith based element to our wedding, something that equality demands but which organised religion (not all) denies.

Matt & Anne posing in the Photo Booth they’re running!




Our Kim doing her speech as best ‘man’, what a wonderful job she did for us


Paul did the driving for us all day and they both provided some of the most fun entertainment too






Robin did an excellent job (naturally) as our MC for the evening
The girls, Jackie & Karen made our wonderful cake and brought it all the way from lovely Wales


Tom & Jimmy helped out loads doing whatever was asked of them
We had not seen this before the event so it came as a shock how well it had been put together. Very emotional message from home for Dennis which I’d asked them to do and sister Veronica put together
My speech to Dennis, there is me practically eating the mic … I think I should have just projected!









Speeches are often awkward, my own went out the window! I had it in bullet points but decided to change the order then realised I’d put it in that order for a reason so had to make a recovery … I don’t think anyone notice or, they were too polite to say anything!



Dennis did his speech … very emotional and quite lovely



Dennis had not long seen the message from the Philippines so was still quite emotional doing his speech, there were a lot of wet eyes in the room during this and I was struggling I can tell you!



We were very nervous about adding Karaoke into the evening reception, it’s just not British to let your hair down and open yourself up for being a little out there.

We’d selected just 10 tracks and managed to get most with someone singing along.

Me and Dennis kicked it off with a song to each other …. I mean, apologies to sensitive ears but I did stop being any sort of singer when my voice broke at 15. Since then, having had surgery on my vocal chords since, my voice is a little hit and miss at best but … all the same, it’s all part of the fun.




Our special picture drawn by Daisy was off the house from the Disney/Pixar movie ‘Up’ and it enabled us to get our guests to leave us their fingerprints and initials as ‘balloons’ to be used in the future in evidence against them, that they were at our wedding.

We think it turned out really good.


Sue did all the catering for us
Adam, on the left, did the equipment driving, totally vital and a last minute saviour for us
Kyle did our photography and an excellent job he did too
We cannot say enough how grateful we are to Kim for all her hard work and inspirational ideas. For her support and understanding throughout

The following week, the honeymoon, was in Devon


Obviously we had a hot tub, it’s an essential part of the relaxing. It was also the only way to get warm outside as it was really cold! One evening I used it on my own, I seriously thought (through the torrential rain) that a tree was going to get blown down on me. The UK weather in March is hardly what could be described as tropical!




The lodge we had was really good. We got it discounted because of who we know so, can’t complain at all.

We didn’t get to see much of Devon, to be honest, a rest was what we really needed and not to be driving each day.



The end of March marked the beginning of Josh’s health issues with his spherocytosis, in my opinion, the only thing his biological father gave him, sums the man up perfectly … he’d have not given it to him if he had to give something up himself to do it! All my opinion of course, not a statement of anything else … just in case the (in my opinion) nasty piece of poo decides to actually get off his backside and try and cause me trouble again! Draw your own judgements on him.

He’s had one blood transfusion so far and his levels are already dropping meaning he’ll probably need another quite soon. They only do this for so long before removing the spleen and likely the gall bladder too (the main immune system). It’s going to be an emotional and uncomfortable time for him and all those who care about him.

Various Movies throughout the month

Beauty & The Beast, Smurfs, The Great Wall, Logan and Lego Batman … nothing too bad in there, some quite excellent


We had to go Sheffield to get the next visa which Dennis needed to remain in the country and work. Others had come all the way from Essex, these places are not exactly easy to get to! On the same day we got the notification that it’s been approved so, all we need to do now is find work and all our financial worries (huge ones) will be over!

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  1. It was an honour, a privilege, and a pleasure to be included in your wedding day in both the capacities that I was involved with. Thank you Dennis and Steve for including me.

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