This year is going to see a lot of changes going on.

Many may not like those changes because what they will be is selfish. ‘I’ plan on living for me and that means devoting my time and energy to me and my soon to be ‘husband’,  Dennis.

Essentially that will mean a hell of a lot less time for others. Entire relationships as they are now will change as circumstances change.

Hopefully, we’ll quickly become self sufficient financially and that will mean not having to rely on an handouts from others, not the state or family. No will will have the power to use their contribution to our existence against us again. No well meaning souls will be able to make that call to the benefit fraud team or safeguarding because, we won’t be involved with those people. Our lives and our home will be under our own rules and standards. No body will have the right to behave superior or disrespectful again, it’s not going to happen.

Of course, this relies on our mega expensive next visa being approved in the 24 hours it should be without any hitch and then us both not taking too long to get employed.

It’s a big ask but we’ve got big determination. Dennis needs to feel part of this country and that means working. I need to feel a valued part of this country too. I’ve been 2nd class for too long, enough is enough already.

Those who care about us will embrace these changes and support us, others will rebel and make it difficult, we know this.

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