Bucket List

There are places around the world I still want to do. Some I have done before, and want to do again, others are part of a set so, I really have to do them all. Case in point, every Disney theme park on the planet! I currently tally 4 so, two left and both in Asia. Asia gets three parks, Europe just the one and the US gets 2. I personally find that quite peculiar! 

The Grand Canyon from the top. I have done the helicopter trip which lands down below so, obviously, I’ve seen it from the top but, I just want to stand there and look down.

Palawan, Philippines, it just looks so amazing.

Washington DC. It is just so iconic. Of course, I’d rather the orange peril wasn’t the sitting tenant of the White House. There is so much to see in the city.

Further on the list would be a return to Venice, so unique. I really feel I am missing out by not seeing Greece, Athens and all that. Los Angeles again because there was so much I didn’t have time for (and a lot I want to do again). Australia but, only to see family there. Tokyo but then, they have a Disney so that one is inevitable! Two I have not done (and should have) are Scotland and Ireland … shame on me. 

There is nothing else there as far as I am aware and, it’s not really near anywhere but … that bridge that George Bailey jumps off in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. The film has been with me as one of my favourites my entire life, being there would be very special to me.

Apparently it’s in New York State so, perhaps it is dooable after all … and, not the only attraction in the NY area I want to see …

Niagra Falls has to be seen. We came close in 2012 but decided we just didn’t have the time, we should have made the time.

I guess far more of Asia needs to be explored too but I know so little about it. Dennis will have to help out there.

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