It’s all a mistake this Brexit

For some reason the country is hooked into the notion that we are negotiating a good deal for the benefit of the country by leaving the European Union. That nice Mr Davies chappie heading back and forth to Brussels to tell those nasty foreigners what’s what and all that and Mrs May doing her bit preaching to the self same nasty Europeans to tell them we’re not budging whilst holding the hand of Donald Trump as a ploy to get his agreement on a good trade deal and … in a couple of years it’ll all be over and the United Kingdom will be shot of all those Europeans coming here taking our jobs, our houses, our benefits and all of those wonderful things the leave campaign sold to the people.

Some countries, Scotland and Northern Ireland, objected very heavily to the notion of leaving, you cannot tell an Irishman or a Scot a bad deal and expect them to go for it.

But, a bunch of old English and Welsh people, and it was mainly the old, wanted to go back to the ‘good old days’ when things were so much better. Where we all went to Church on Sunday instead of shopping, where everyone only ever spoke English with a BBC accent, even the cockneys. Oh yes for those heady days of church bells and cream teas.

Now …. let’s wind this back a lot because, where we are right now is buying into the very notion of what Brexit is but, it isn’t.

So, why did we have a referendum?

For years the Conservative party have suffered from disagreement over Europe. It consistently cost them votes and damaged their credibility. That nice David Cameron chappie decided that enough was enough, his party needed to unite else they’d have a minority government if they weren’t careful so, he plotted a cunning plan, one which would finally get his Eurosceptic colleagues to belt up for good. He was going to go to Europe, negotiate the very best deal for Britain that he could (think Thatcher without the handbag). Then he’d return and ask the people, do you want to accept this improved deal for the nation or take the damn stupid option and leave altogether? Not once did the notion that his balmy colleagues on the right of his party (yes, it’s possibly to be on the right of a right wing party) would put forward a campaign that enough people would believe to actually sway the country out of Europe. That was never the plan, it was meant to be business as usual and you chaps at the back who kept creating a Euro argument can now desist, the people have spoken.

Oh dear … £365m extra for the NHS, get rid of Jonny Foreigner … they were too good to resist to the elderly who never wanted things to change since the 1950’s. In their droves they bought into this argument that we’d get our country back, all those damn stupid rules we have to follow from Brussels would be scrapped. No more gays in the military, no more silly paternity for men and all that nancy stuff. They were going to get England back for real men, English men!

So, a plan simply conceived to unite the Conservative party has horribly backfired. We are on a path leading us to the cliff edge of Europe, destined to get ‘no deal’ leaving us desperate for ‘any’ deal from some other countries.

Ironically, all the promises sold to the leavers have been admitted to for being totally false. There is no extra money for the NHS, even if there were, this government would spend it on something else because they’re hell bent on dismantling the NHS. No worker or their family for elsewhere in Europe is going to be expected to leave, on the contrary, they’ll still be able to come here and settle up to two years after we’re no longer part of the EU. Margaret Thatcher would be turning in her grave! We’re to keep all the negative of being part of Europe without any positives and, worse still, no seat at the negotiating table.

The whole thing is a farce, the only hope we have is another referendum based on the outcome of the negotiations as to whether we’re still stupid enough to want to leave or not and let’s hope the next time people are given the facts

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