Winter into Spring

One thing or another has conspired to a bit of a mess. The main issue has been my continued faith in the goodness of others. I am proud to feel that way yet, it bites me so many times when I am wrong. This last few months have been that. Companies who have not paid me or Dennis as they perhaps should have creating a huge debt for us on top of that which we already had. In my case, it lead to me making a terrible decision designed to reduce our outgoings which actually resulted in even more debt. Because the remuneration for travel time has not been forthcoming from my work to cover the costs I decided replacing my Chrysler Voyager, which I love, with a smaller, more economical car would make more sense and, to that end, I did all the research and decided upon a mini like this one:

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Alarm bells should have sounded with the price tag but I trusted the seller. He was forthcoming with the issues the car had. In his opinion there was a head gasket issue. He had spoken to the BMW dealers and they had quoted him £350 for the repair. Me, being trusting as always, took him for his word and we agreed the sale. I paid £650 and eventually got the car to the dealership for diagnostics. Long story short, they assure me that at their prices it would initially come in at least £950 assuming they found nothing else but possible way over £1000 and advised it would be an uneconomical repair. If it were just the head gasket then I think perhaps this could be done for £600 raising the total outlay at £1250. That’s still not a bad price for the car but, if it needs more I am just adding more good money to a bad situation and I personally cannot afford to take this risk.

The car was bought down in Luton and there it remains right now until I can find a way of getting it back to Northampton. I doubt it would make the journey as it barely goes a mile without over heating. But, back here it must come. My plan is to put it on eBay, warts and all, and see what happens. I can scrap it for £125 so, perhaps if I put that as a starting price I can get more, who knows, it’s what I feel is my best shot unless I know someone prepared to undertake the work for parts cost only and, I don’t think that’s a fair ask.

To fund this mistake I need to sell the other car ASAP. So, I have had to borrow some money to buy a third car I can use for work whilst I sell the other two. Hopefully, unless the planets are conspiring against me, I can make enough money back to cover the mess, if not then we’re screwed really. 

I am going to buy the most reliable car I can find for the price. It’s impossible to know what the future of a car will be but, hopefully it will work out this time.

This one will come from a garage. Have a fresh MOT and I know it’s history in every respect. Yes, I did a lot more research this time!

It’s not the sexist, most racy car on the planet but, it doesn’t need to be. I also went for a manuel this time around even though I’d prefer an automatic. I am going to upgrade the in car multimedia and navigation too as I need something for the amount of hours I spend at the wheel every day.

With each mess like this our travelling around Europe and getting back to the Philippines for Christmas seems less likely. I want that to happen so much. Worse yet, whilst I’ve been sorting out this mess I have been spending less and less time with Dennis and that makes me really miserable as well.

Today I was on my second call when a migraine hit and it totally floored me. I had to cut short my day and because I’d made myself Mr Unreliable, the company quite rightly covered all my shifts for tomorrow so I have lost even more money in lost work.

Am in need of a U-Turn on our fortunes I think, life isn’t being very OK about this.

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