Gender Equality

Gender Equality – We have some way to go I think.

In my work as a professional carer I still get hints that we’ve got some way to go.

The profession is seen as a female domain, men are somewhat rare. As such, it seems that some employers don’t quite know how to full enact their equal opportunities policies.

New female clients are routinely asked if they would prefer a female carer, male clients are not asked this, would they prefer a male carer. It is presumed they either would or they are assigned a female as the simplest option because perhaps there are so few male carers.

Even after being assigned a male carer and saying it is OK, females are not questioned as to an alleged decision that they now require a female carer. Simply being male is good enough to reject a carer. If a male carer rejects a female carer then he will be asked what was wrong with his carer, not just accepted that he doesn’t want her because she is female.

Then there are gay and lesbian carers … should a female client be told her prospective make carer is gay? I feel so, it could make a difference to her decision, might not but might.

Either way, a talking point and we do have some way to go … I’d be interested to know what other areas there are where we are still getting it wrong?

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