Yes, 55 already and I really can remember being just 5 years old ever so clearly.

Mum played this trick on us, she convinced us that somehow she could see from the kitchen into the front room. I spent an age examine the wall trying to work out just how she did it. I knew my nan had an old gas pipe between her rooms we could look through but we didn’t have it in our house. Mum somehow convinced me it was magic paper on the wall that only adults could see which she looked behind. Anyway, I was 5, it’s a lovely memory and half a century ago. I can still feel that happiness seeing mum smiling, laughing at my gullibility.

I believe my Dad retired at about my age, boy how I would like to be able to do that now. I enjoy work on the whole but, all the same, the freedom to do whatever I want is also appealing.

This year I likely won’t get a vacation. Dennis wants the money to go see the family back home and, it feels wrong to deny him but, even so, I could do with a good holiday to look forward to and go on. Next year it will be us saving for the visa so, I probably won’t get a holiday then either especially if Dennis wants to go to the Philippines again. He doesn’t see that as a holiday just going home. I think I could make a holiday out of it but, oh well.

Sean & Daisy move out next month and that means, we’ll need to get a lodger unless something quick happens with our finances meantime. That’s not impossible, just unlikely!

Some of my Guests

The kids did me a wonderful birthday party on Saturday 2nd. THis picture is missing some guests who arrived a little later but gives a taster … I believe it is Tom & Jimmy with Matt too who had gone to be the taxi driver.

I didn’t have to do any preparation or clearing up and the house was cleaner than it had been for ages.

I have been using Instagram a lot more recently, search for ‘antipololand’ on there to add me. Facebook is OK but, in many ways, Instagram is just better and more happening there.

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