The Art of Positib … Positivti … Seeing the good side

Looking forward to 2019

Pay rise

This year I am going to get a pay rise … I know this because currently I get nothing and I plan to get something so, a raise is on the cards


As the year goes on I am going to continue to have health. The alternative is I’ll be dead so, I am looking at health for my best option. It might not be good health but, any health is better than the alternative.

New Family Member

Well, someone I am related to somewhere is going to get pregnant so it’s probably very likely maybe!

A Great Holiday

Back in the day, a holiday would have been a trek to the countryside so I am really fortunate that the countryside is just down the road, my entire year could be a holiday!

I Will Feel Loved


I will see the funny side

Anyone who doesn’t is in for a miserable life!

Weight is just going to Fall Off me

I’ve a sort of ongoing weight problem. We can all lose weight, I do everytime I take a shit but, the longer term aim is to get rid of the huge mass of body fat I currently have wrapped around me. I am going to do that … with your help!

Summing Up

A random guy said to me a few days ago after a brief chat that I am obviously a glass half full guy and, he’s totally right of course. I could look a the life I have right now and despair at the pain I am in, the financial mess and, my historical experiences certainly might give me cause to fret but, that’s not how I think. I prefer, and I do this naturally, to think of what positive experiences I got from the bad experiences in the past. What do I actually have now rather than what I don’t have. How fortunate it is that I have this pain because, I am the sort who can cope with it and find a path through (even if it’s taking longer than I planned). I have so many good things in my life and that’s what I remember when the demons attack. I know when I feel really panicked with pain and anxiety of an evening that, tomorrow is another day, it’ll be better tomorrow even if only for a bit. I am still me.

I know many are anti religion, this is a very little understood thing about me. I am very against organised religion, I am quite sure they are all corrupt and in it for the money and power it affords them. I am into faith, pure faith. I pray rarely but when I do, my prayers, more often than not, are eventually answered. Sometimes instantly, other times, it takes years. I do not cringe when I hear the name Jesus. I did many years ago, I get that feeling but once I realised that my dislike was not for the faith but for those who held the power in religion and I separated those two, I finally got it.

I don’t do prayers with everyone else, mine are personal. If I needed to be told what to say then I am missing the point.

Be happy in life, if you can’t be happy, be hopeful, if you can’t be hopeful, find someone who is and trust them.

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