55 Years old

1963 Ford Cortina

What is age?

Well, The lovely car above was all the rage when I was born, that’s a rather long while ago now … but, I hear you say, the year I was born isn’t as important as the year I became an adult so, let’s explore a car of 1981 instead

More like it … still rather old but … when I was 18, this was the dogs bollox

Yes, the VW Golf GTI … all the latest tech, you know, an engine, brakes, lights … probably had, as an extra, a MW radio and cassette player too.

TOKYO, Japan- 2 Sep 1945- Allied sailors and officers watch General of the Army Douglas MacArthur sign documents during the surrender ceremony aboard Missouri on 2 September 1945.

Yes, just under 18 years before I was born was the final surrender of Japan in World War 2 … some of you can easily contemplate 18 years as a number you can understand.

I was 3 when this happened.

Yes, you might consider the first moon landing (One small step for a man) as ancient history but, I remember this!

This was the track to listen to on my 18th birthday! Adam & The Ants, Stand and Deliver

This is a list of computer games I could play as a kid … oh, no, they actually didn’t really exist then … here is the first games console I had

It was very exciting back in the day.

My first car, like the one on the left

Yes, a glorious mustard colour car with a black vinyl roof and plastic seats.

Vauxhall Viva from the 70’s

My first upgrade car was a Vauxhall Viva very much like this one with fabric seats. Drove like a tank! The one in the picture has leather seats which would have been an aspiration too far for me at 18!

Back in the day I could keep going and going. I could also, until my mid 20’s, eat and drink just about anything without any negative reaction … OK, occasionally I got very pissed with inevitable results but, I was not overweight and, by rights I should have been

It is frustrating getting older when the mind still says ‘I can do that’ yet, realistically, I can’t. Things I really enjoy doing I am just useless at which is frustrating and also a reminder of the abilities I have lost over the years. It is sad in a way. Trying to transition between up for anything and being selective what I can still do.

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