Christmas Spirit

Finally it seems to be sinking in to me, I am ‘feeling’ Christmas!

Last night my sleep was crazy. I went to bed a little earlier than I normally do as I was so terribly tired. I don’t remember getting into bed and lost a whole 15 minutes before I was unable to sleep for another 2 hours!

The Disney Store have wound me up a bit. I ordered some gifts last week. They gave me a two hour delivery slot and didn’t turn up. The next day I got an email in the evening to tell me they’d posted my order through the door whilst I was actually in the hallway. Of course, they didn’t because it could never fit and so started contacting Disney. Turns out, and I don’t believe a word of it, my package never left the depot but they ensure me it’ll be here within 48 hours!

This evening I also forgot that there is a gift missing for one person because I totally forgot to order it so … will have to go remedy that one very soon.

Been to see two nativity type things and loved them both. I was supposed to sing but I just wanted to enjoy watching and listening. Contrary to the two this year, I don’t normally get to go to these things.

Would like to plan a trip to Europe next year but because we’re leaving the EU next month I now have no idea whether or not Dennis can get a visa for Europe!

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