Understanding the British

As a nation we are a funny lot. We get through the worries of life with humour. Not always good taste humour and the words ‘too soon’ are often mentioned! Now, this is not unique to us, many other countries adopt humour to get them through.

I am going to show some ideas of humour here, don’t shoot me, we’re just musing this topic.

Moment of silence for the people who agreed to live with shitty roommates because they “wouldn’t be spending much time at home anyway”

There is going to be a lot of pressure over the next few days to talk to friends and family. Fight it. Stay positive



Anyway, you get the picture. Actually, most of those came from the USA.

It’s terribly British for one person to cough and a whole host of others stare and one person shouts, ‘we’re all dead now, he’s got the virus’.

Obviously it’s not a joking matter but, without keeping our sense of the ridiculous we would go quite potty.

Estimates currently floating around show that the UK is likely to have around 20000 deaths. It’s a huge amount and yet, not so much. Check out this link to see the stats of what we’ve lived with before. The 1918 flu pandemic killed around 225,000 some 10x more than is predicted this time around .. unless current projections are wrong. The Black Death most of us have heard about back in the 14th century took out 3.5 million people in the UK and to put this into greater perspective, the entire population at best estimates after that plague were 7 million, it could have been much lower. In percentage terms, 20,000 is getting off light.

More typical humour you may see, pandemics aside are … orderly queues for everything, we don’t need to be told to queue, we just do. When that system doesn’t form properly we then have a flurry of people saying “No, you first” followed by “no, you, I insist”. This exchange could go on for an age only broken by someone dropping a pile of plates and everyone within earshot clapping and cheering totally instinctively.

We are a weird bunch and, if you are not from here, we likely think how your lot does things is really weird too!

In this country no one likes a whinger, no one wants to hear constant doom and gloom no matter how much there may be,

The reality is, despite our international and local differences, this is now one thing we all have in common. Just try to be kind and smile. Do not say that there is bound to be someone worse off then you when you just emptied the shelves at the supermarket. Just because ‘everyone’ is doing something does not give you that right because we know in so many other aspects of your life you can use common sense. Others doing something is their issue, don’t make it yours.

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