Stargate Atlantis

I am watching this again and am noticing things which somehow I didn’t before notice which may have been explained away in Stargate previously and I have just forgotten.

The Ancients: As the name suggest, an ancient race of people who were at least several thousand years ago on earth, possibly much older. The series encounters their relics and they have a language, not a shock but it is called ‘ancient’ and here is a picture:

As you can see, doesn’t look very English in any way and yet, shockingly, whenever we get a flashback, they speak English, a language which for absolute certain didn’t exist anything like that long ago and they had no reason to develop it either.

This being the case, every planet that the team encounters in the Pegasus galaxy seems to be speaking English very well, all of them being descendants from the Ancients much like we are.

Certainly in the early parts of Season One, they never think to pick up the stun guns the wraith use which with two shots knock out a wraith rather than the almost total clip of bullets which barely do the job. At the very least, it would stop the wraith giving enough time to blow up their arses!

In Atlantis itself we see amazing preservation considering they describe it as 100’s of 1,000’s of years old. Not only that, it’s been on the seafloor.

Questions: Why when the shield started to fail did areas get flooded? Think about this, why build doors strong enough to prevent the flooding spreading everywhere yet not to stop the place flooding in the first place? (we might presume the shield itself held back the water, not the doors). Why did the city not resurface as soon as it started to flood when the shields failed?

Time: When visiting another planet the locals are asked how old they are. Unless their planet revolved around the sun in exactly the same way as ours does, days, months and years would not be the same so it is a meaningless question.

Anyway, just a few things I have noticed since I started watching again.

Maybe you have the answers?

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