Into May

As we head out of April

Stage one (of three) for the garden is now complete and as of May 8 we move onto Stage two which is the shed build.

Various bits are being donated which I love as it makes it all the more personal but, a hell of a lot of it needs to be bought.

Thanks to amazing friends and family the labour is free albeit for the cost of some lovely grub and gallons of fluids. It’s at times like this I realise how lucky I am.

As many will know, it is important for me to get this done because, my first attempt left me financially very short and the job was worthless. I lost over £3000 to crooks on it and despite a court win it’s really unlikely I’ll see that money again. Travellers (what I discovered they were) seem to be able to get away with just about anything it seems.

My deadline for Stage two is the end of June with stage three finished early in July unless we move a lot quicker on two. Stage three is a more relaxing small thought area for bonding and relaxing.

Passport Issues

Fair to say that the Philippines Embassy in London isn’t very good.

Dennis’s passport expired in February and the earliest renewal date we could get was April … 2022!

Our concern there was that his final UK visa application is due in June 2022 and he needs a passport for this process. It was a huge risk renewing it so close to the visa.

Thankfully, at around 2am the other night I was able to book a cancellation for July this year so, happy days.!

As we won’t really be able to have a holiday this year I have turned this into a little mini break for us in London.

Seat Ateca

Whilst it is a lovely car it’s also got issues.

Geography seems to be the biggest issue.

It will randomly switch the adaptive cruise control from miles to kilometres and vice versa. The effect of this will be, for example, deciding that the road is now 60kph and applying the breaks heavily to get down to 37mph! or deciding that the road is 70mph so, it converts it to kph and speeds up to 120mph rapidly! I know, it makes no sense.

The crap dealership in Northampton, Motorvogue (avoid them as they’re crap) told me effectively that I was imagining it and to go home. I took it to Milton Keynes Vindis and they were able to replicate the issue.

As yet, still awaiting a fix though.

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