Today has been better though, I suspect that is a relative statement in comparison to yesterday. Were someone suddenly hit with today they may well have been down the funny farm.

I got up at 07:20 quite certain that everyone else would be up, they weren’t. So, deciding I really didn’t care if they were late or not I went downstairs and had breakfast. Jermaine came down just after I started eating and seemed OK so I told him that as soon as I finished my breakfast I would do him some and a cup of tea. I thought he had accepted that just fine as he seemed happy enough to go to his room and play for a while. A few moments later I did his breakfast and called him down. He walked in saying ‘no’ so I suggested that he may want to have his breakfast now and I would just do a cup of tea. He decided it would be better to try and punch me. When he missed he grabbed his breakfast bowl and that landed on the floor smashing with milk and cereal everywhere. He said sorry but I know that means totally nothing with Jermaine. So, I too apologised as I kicked his arse on his way up the stairs.

I cleaned up the mess but it was clear he was not going to let me anywhere near him, which was that, he, was never going to school today.

Matt decided to stay at home and so did Daisy, I was beyond caring at this point but we did hold a discussion about things and they both seemed to give a little ground and make some plans between them on what they may change in future.

I left them to it and got the car into town to get the parking sensors fitted which all went fine.

Whilst I was in town waiting for Robin to turn up, I got a call from Jermaine’s social worker who wanted to arrange a meeting next week. She also seemed to be provisionally agreeing to my request for someone to come in and deal with Jermaine’s personal hygiene issues and nail cutting problems. Time will tell on that one.

Had a nice time with Robin, had a coffee and a chat, a good way to spend a couple of hours.

Back home and Jermaine is still in an awful mood, good erupt at any moment, very unstable. Still, I did manage to get the shopping done which was a bonus.

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