Catch up time

Finally managed to get my car booked into be repaired for the damage that Autoglass caused, the insurers are paying for that. Autoglass told the insurers they were going to offer me £25 for it but retracted their offer so I need to speak to them again next week.

Did manage to get the refuse department to do a review of our waste needs and we may get a larger wheelie bin. I have also got them to deal seperately with Jermaine’s medical waste so that doesn’t get added to the normal rubbish.

I tried to get myself booked into the GUM clinic but they don’t have any appointments this year so I have to call them again early next year. I don’t think I have anything wrong with me at all but I just want to get checked out to be sure on the off chance that I either meet Mr Right or that he decides he is and I am, (whatever). Well, I want to be certain I am clear.

My joints are still causing me problems, nothing I can’t cope with and work through but clearly not right but I am seeing the doc tomorrow, hopefully I may know more then but I suspect he is going to do no more than to say something about my age and reluctantly refer me to someone else.

Got my new gadget yesterday, an IPaq HW6515 which is an all in one device of GPS, PDA, camera and phone.

Social Services (the SS) are still causing me grief (when do they not?) It appears that despite this place in Kettering being totally unsuitable they want to proceed with an assessment anyway along with another place run by Mencap in Wellingborough. Both have the same problem, no medical provision but the SS still think they can make the situation workable. In the meantime it means extra delays on the Chalfont which could result in us losing the possible placement there.

Had a meeting this morning, a complaint meeting with an independent investigator to sort out the whole SS issue. It won’t come quickly enough to solve anything for us but just maybe we can resolve the bad practises within the SS team that cause this sort of thing to happen in the first place.

Without going into detail, I am concerned about Robin. He is going through a bad time right now, one of those ‘everything happening at once’ times that we get and it’s really difficult for me to give him advice asking him to hold fire for a while when I know he wants things sorted now. Holding off on some things is all he can do to try and save yet more bother in the future. I cannot promise him that the problems will go away but I am doing the best I can to make it easier for now.

Spoke to Martyn last night, he was unusually on MSN. I had to go to bed at some point to get some sleep else I’d have been no use in this mornings meeting but I would have loved to have stayed up chatting longer, I just love talking to someone that knows me and is intelligent. Robin, you are too honey but in a totally different way.

Right, it’s nearly 2 and I am supposed to be doing some stuff, I know I am even if I can’t remember what it is just yet!

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