It’s sunny

… and I am using a weird Spanish keyboard!

Got here safely and the good news is that it is lovely weather. It’s not actually hot as such but comfortable.

Met Jim Darby at Gatwick and we are both staying at the same place though not seen a lot of him which is probably for the best as I was already finding myself moving plans of mine to accommodate and that’s totally not the point!

I am staying in the room next to the one I had last time, it’s OK though I may need to whack the air conditioning up a little more as it’s still a little too warm for my liking.

I am sure missing all at home … being away is great as it gives me time to think and I am already certain that being with John is so totally the right thing, I love him loads and nights without him here are difficult.

Hopefully Matt doesn’t get any feelings that I shall love him more for paying for this because that’s just not possible, I love him, Jermaine and the girls as much as it’s possible to love anyone so I can’t do any more. I think sometimes they forget that my only motive for moaning and pushing a lot is because I love them and want them to grow up well and be happy … Matt, you so better be starting that movie! Zoey, share stuff, it won’t hurt and maybe everyone will get on a little better if you do because we are all meant to love each other you know and people that love each other want to make the others happy, that’s how it works. Daisy, help Matt, don’t do any winding up, don’t be lazy and don’t screw things up elsewhere to make life difficult at home and make John and Matt’s life any more difficult!

Robin … eat already!

Oh, thanks for bringing me here and for letting me know you got home safe.

Deej, seems I have loads of pictures of you on my phone and the laptop which is great cos I am missing you loads.

Do I do 103 or do I have another G&T this is the question?

Daily events will be more detailed in the travelog which will be done whilst I am here and published when I get home.


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