I am totally mad!

As this cold got started the moment I stepped off the plane I decided not to give into it and go for a walk today. Check Google Earth for this one. I walked directly from Almendros to the dunes then walked across the dunes until I was level with the Riu Palace. There are turned south to follow the surf. Walked to Masalomas, Faro 1, giant turd etc then kept going … follow coast round and look for small harbour, I walked there! Then I walked back to Faro 2 when I finally gave up and got a taxi.

There are no better Transformers here in Ibiza and I have looked in every toyshop I know of. Honey rum is still cheap, Matt should be smiling at this point.

It is possible to walk from Almendros all the way to Maspalomas without a single step but Robin, don’t!

I’ve decided not to get a car, I will leave that to the van in July!

Missing John like mad, can’t wait to come back in July and show him around!

Girls, I even miss your moaning but that’s not any encouragment to argue when I get back!

I plan to do nothing tomorrow by the way but will try to think of something to write!

Love you


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