Late August update

It’s been 11 days since my last entry so what’s been happening?

In no particular order:

I am very proud (and about time) to hear that Matt has been promoted to the post of supervisor at BHS with further training to manager level and, ever more important maybe has been the increase to full time hours.

Work has been going well … I hate to have to keep mentioning this but … This is voluntary unpaid work.

Not been able to go in as often as I would have liked but often enough to have achieved all that I have been asked to do with efficiency which is the point I suppose. I have one large project due right now but I intend to allocate a couple of days to that as soon as I can. I also need to discuss their website with them to hopefully get something up and running.

Spent a great few hours with friends Sue & Fred who have two kids, Adam & Charlotte. All of them are amazing people and we hope to spend a lot more time with them in the future.

Discovered our friend Jan shall be 60 in October, no way!

One of our neighbours has got themselves two kittens. One of those is obsessed with trying to get in here and it is frankly getting really annoying.

The car still has air conditioning and the cruise control is making driving a lot more relaxing.

I have brought a temporary halt to the home movie making, I need a small break from that

Been spending quite some time on Sims 2 lately, probably too much time.

Hopefully got things sorted with ‘The Coach House’ so that they all understand what it is exactly they are supposed to do. Levels of service have slipped a little of late so needed to be placed back on track. Jermaine is doing quite well. Too many seizures still and I am so not happy how long it has been left to get that sorted but I am content that I’ve done all that I can reasonably do.

The weather this month has been depressingly British which means warm but useless for anything practical because of the ever present risk of rain.

Boy this blog entry is boring!

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